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Saudi oil giant Aramco listing plan 'halted'

Saudi Arabia calls off both domestic and international stock listing of state oil giant Aramco, sources tell Reuters. Source link

Palm oil threatens indigenous life in Malaysia

Growing demand for palm oil is depleting forests as the Orang Asli tribe fights for its rights. Source link

US accuses North Korea of illegally smuggling oil products

Washington claims Pyongyang violated restrictions and asks UN to halt all deliveries of oil products to North Korea. Source link

India preparing for 'cut in oil imports from Iran'

India prepares for a 'drastic reduction' of Iranian oil imports in a push by the US to cut trade ties, Reuters reports. Source link...

Oil price crosses $70, amid Iran deal tensions

Oil prices rose as investors saw increasing possibility that the US could withdraw from the historic Iran nuclear deal. Source link

Middle East in transition: Oil, women and the IMF

IMF chief Christine Lagarde discusses the role of women in the Middle East and changing economic winds in the region. Source link

OPEC and the goldilocks oil price

What's the ideal oil price for consumers and producers? Source link
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