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Fury in Kashmir after youth killed by police vehicle

Incident is the second in less than a month involving police vehicle killing protester during weekly demonstrations. Source link

Blast kills at least 24 in northeast Nigeria: police

Residents say two suicide bombers detonated explosives at a mosque and a market in Mubi town. Source link

Saudi: Gunfire as police shoot down 'toy drone' near royal palace

Saudi police open investigation after security forces shot down an unauthorised, small drone-type toy, state media says. Source link

Brazil's Lula turns himself in to police after tense showdown

Former president maintains innocence but surrenders to police to begin serving 12-year jail sentence for corruption. Source link

Brazil: Deadline for Lula to turn himself into police expires

Popular ex-president defies court order to surrender to authorities and start a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. Source link

Greek police arrest 12 amid raids on anarchist squats

The evacuation of three squats in Athens comes after a spate of far-right attacks on anarchist and left-wing spaces. Source link

Counter-terror police investigate 'punish a Muslim' day letters

Leaflet offers vague rewards of points for throwing acid and beating Muslims or bombing mosques and 'nuking' Mecca. Source link

Ukrainians injured as police dismantle Kiev 'tent city'

Site of protest against corruption targeted by authorities in Kiev amid violent clashes and detention of 100 people. Source link

US police spied on Muslims, African Americans: ACLU

Police in Boston unjustly spied on Muslims and African Americans online for years, American Civil Liberties Union says. Source link