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Thousands of Druze protest against Israel's Jewish nation law

An estimated 150,000 expected to take part in demonstrations calling for equal rights for all Israeli citizens. Source link

'We are at verge of autocracy': Poles protest Supreme Court law

New law forcing top court's judges into retirement is a further attempt by the government to extend power, say critics. Source link

Families Belong Together: Thousands protest Trump policies

More than 700 events are planned worldwide against Trump's 'zero-tolerance' approach towards immigration. Source link

Protest in Moscow against Telegram app ban

Protests come two weeks after court allowed government to block messaging app for failing to hand over encryption keys. Source link

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, wound 955 at Gaza protest

Three Palestinian protesters killed and more than 950 wounded as Israeli forces again open fire at Gaza border. Source link

Italy: Anti-racism protest after migrant shooting

Several thousand people have rallied in the town of Macerata where a gunman wounded six people he took for migrants a week ago. Source...

Hearing for anti-Trump protest defendants to start

The 22 defendants are among 188 still people facing charges related to alleged involvement in an anti-Trump protest. Source link