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Silent War: How Rape Became a Weapon in Syria

Syrian women share personal testimonies of rape by regime soldiers. Source link

Jan Kizilhan: ISIL rape victims need culture-sensitive therapy

Need for mental health experts who know local culture in post-ISIL Iraq is immense, German-Kurd psychologist says. Source link

Asifa's rape and killing: The girl, her family and the accused

Police investigation details gruesome rape and killing of eight-year-old Asifa Bano, as outrage in India soars. Source link

Jammu policemen face charges over Asifa's rape, killing

Court filing by police lays bare circumstances of eight-year-old Muslim girl's death in mainly Hindu district of Kathua. Source link

Still getting away with rape in Nepal

When the rest of the world is talking about #MeToo, in the South Asian nation the conversation feels like a non-starter. Source link

Kenyans demand action over hospital rape accusations

Hundreds march in Nairobi demanding action on allegations of rape and sexual assault at Kenya's largest public hospital. Source link

Pakistani activist on why rape victim-blaming must end

Al Jazeera speaks to Pakistani activist Fouzia Saeed in wake of rape and murder case of girl, 7, that shocked Pakistan. Source link...
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