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UN: Two-thirds of child soldiers in Yemen fight for Houthi rebels

A report documented the recruitment of more than 800 child soldiers in 2017 in Yemen - including some as young as 11 years...

FSA rebels defiant as Syria boosts offensive to retake Deraa

US tells Syrian opposition fighters not to expect backing in the Deraa, the cradle of country's uprising and one of last two areas...

Syrian rebels surrender last rebel-held area near Homs

Armed opposition and civilians are expected to leave rebel-held areas after Russian backed ceasefire. Source link

Rebels kidnap couple on Ecuador and Colombia border

Following deaths of kidnapped journalists, rebels by splinter FARC group also abduct Ecuadorian couple, government says. Source link

Colombia's ex-FARC rebels face first electoral test

FARC participates in first electoral contest since it transformed itself into a political party following the 2016 peace deal. Source link
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