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Sick refugees taken off Italy ship as health worries grow

Italy's government allows 11 women and five men to disembark, as UN urges EU to relocate some 150 stranded passengers. Source link

What next for refugees after the Aquarius fallout?

Refugees hosted by Spain after Italian rejection start asylum efforts as EU to weigh North Africa processing centres. Source link

Spain will take in ship with over 600 refugees and migrants

Italy and Malta refused to allow Aquarius, a charity boat carrying over 600 refugees and migrants, to dock. Source link

Is Israel's plan to deport 40,000 African refugees racist?

Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against expulsion orders and threats to migrants to leave Israel or face jail. Source link

Calais refugees: hopes of reaching UK dashed

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised a more efficient system to process asylum seekers in Calais. Source link

Pope Francis pleads for refugees at Christmas Eve mass

Pontiff strongly defends refugees, urging the world not to ignore plight of people 'driven from their land'. Source link