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Kerala: Some evacuees return home despite risks as floods recede

More than one million still in makeshift camps after homes were inundated with floodwater in Indian state. Source link

Wrongfully deported Afghan man 'to return to Germany'

A 20-year-old Afghan man who was wrongfully deported will return to Germany in the comings days, Der Spiegel reports. Source link

Palestinians demand Israel return bodies of loved ones

Under the slogan 'we want our children back', relatives call on Israel to return their loved ones' remains. Source link

NYT plans to return thousands of ISIL files to Iraq

The New York Times says it plans to digitise more than 15,000 pages of ISIL and make them public. Source link

Will Mahathir Mohamad make a return as Malaysia's PM aged 92?

There will be elections in Malaysia within two months, and Mahathir wants in. Source link

Canadians call for return of relative held in Ethiopia

Family and rights group demand release of Canadian citizen imprisoned in Ethiopia for alleged 'terrorist crimes'. Source link

Will 2018 be the year of return to Syria?

While many displaced Syrians will likely return to their homes this year, safety and stability is still a long way off. Source link

Living on the edge: Rohingya avoid return to Myanmar

Rohingya in Bangladesh say they are still anxious about repatriation to Myanmar, despite the plan being put on hold. Source link