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Israel strikes Gaza after flaming kites set alight farmland

Palestinian protesters have used flaming objects attached to kites to set fire to land just over the Gaza border. Source link

In Vladimir Putin's Russia, Alexei Navalny strikes a chord

Fearless rebel finds receptive audience among those sick of corruption and fed up with the president's tough long rule. Source link

Arab leaders mute on Syria strikes at Saudi summit

US-led strikes not discussed at Arab League but leaders call Trump's Jerusalem move 'null and illegitimate'. Source link

Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in international ties

Russian president tells Iranian counterpart that US-led attacks damage prospects for political reconciliation in Syria. Source link

Turkey's Erdogan backs strikes on Syrian chemical facilities

Turkish president says bombing by US and allies sent Assad government message its massacres will not go unanswered. Source link

Will strikes deter Assad from using chemical weapons?

The US, the UK and France launch air strikes on Syria, targeting suspected chemical facilities. Source link

Pentagon: US-led strikes on Syria hit every target

Top US general says strikes on Syria dealt 'severe blow' to Bashar al-Assad's alleged chemical weapons programme. Source link

Yemeni women reflect on war in a city ravaged by air strikes

As the war on Yemen enters its fourth year, women in Sanaa say death and destruction stalks every family. Source link

Deaths as powerful earthquake strikes southern Peru

The earthquake happened in a region that is prone to tremors because of its proximity to a fault line. Source link
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