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War in Yemen: Dozens of civilians killed in Saudi-UAE bombing

Houthi sources say an air raid by the Saudi-UAE coalition has killed at least 31 civilians, including women and children, in Yemen. Source link...

Is Nicaragua in danger of slipping into civil war?

Concerns over armed confrontation and regional instability amid protests against President Daniel Ortega. Source link

Silent War: How Rape Became a Weapon in Syria

Syrian women share personal testimonies of rape by regime soldiers. Source link

Is the world on the brink of a trade war?

US President Donald Trump's decision to impose tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum has been widely criticised. Source link

Syrian civil war map: Who's in control where

A map of the Syrian civil war showing who controls what after seven years of fighting. Source link

Has Israel opened a new front in Syria's war?

Iran's reaction to latest deadly strikes to determine the length and intensity of confrontation, say analysts. Source link

Philippine museum traces war to lost tribal kinship

Descendants of Mindanao's Moro Muslims, Christian settlers and Lumad reminded to keep the promise to remain brothers. Source link

Catalonia mass graves: Victims of civil war exhumed

Many victims of the Spanish Civil War and the rule of General Franco were buried anonymously in mass graves, but a team of...

A sign of another Cold War?

At least 20 Western countries team up to expel more than 130 Russian diplomats. Source link

Yemeni women reflect on war in a city ravaged by air strikes

As the war on Yemen enters its fourth year, women in Sanaa say death and destruction stalks every family. Source link
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