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UK marks 40 years since birth of world's first IVF baby

Louise Brown was conceived in a British laboratory in November 1977, after Robert Edwards, Patrick Steptoe and Jean Purdy spent nearly a decade...

'Egyptian society being crushed' five years after military coup

Egypt faces abuses to a degree unseen in the Mubarak years since 2013 coup, analysts say. Source link

Jordan sees largest anti-government protests in years

One of the most stable countries in Middle East is seeing growing frustration over tax increases and calls for the government to resign. Source...

Palestinians commemorate 70 years of Nakba in West Bank

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes when Israel was created in 1948. Source link

Lebanon holds general election for first time in nine years

First parliamentary elections in nearly a decade introduces electoral law with proportional representation. Source link

Protests and politics 50 years on from student uprising

Fifty years since the May 1968 student uprising, Al Jazeera explores the movement's legacy for protesters today. Source link

Where is Northern Ireland, 20 years later?

Peace dividend of the 1998 Good Friday agreement is tangible, but entrenched divisions and uncertainty persist. Source link

South Korea's Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years in jail

Park Geun-hye was found guilty of bribery and abuse of power in a verdict issued on Friday. Source link

Abdel Halim Hafez's music lives on, 41 years after his death

The popular Arab singer died on March 30, more than four decades ago, but his legacy continues. Source link

Syria war: Seven years on with no end in sight

Despite many rounds of peace talks, violence rages across Syria with death toll nearing half a million. Source link