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War in Yemen: Dozens of civilians killed in Saudi-UAE bombing

Houthi sources say an air raid by the Saudi-UAE coalition has killed at least 31 civilians, including women and children, in Yemen. Source link...

UN: Two-thirds of child soldiers in Yemen fight for Houthi rebels

A report documented the recruitment of more than 800 child soldiers in 2017 in Yemen - including some as young as 11 years...

Yemen: UAE attempting to 'colonise' Socotra

Standoff over the Yemeni island of Socotra worsens as government officials accuse United Arab Emirates of trying to colonise the country. Source link

Yemen strike kills 38 Houthis including two commanders: Saudi TV

Saudi-led coalition attack kills dozens of Houthi rebels in Sanaa, including two commanders, Saudi television reports. Source link

UN to relaunch Yemen peace talks plan within two months

New UN peace envoy to Yemen says new framework will only deliver peace if fighting is brought to an end. Source link

US Senate to vote on military involvement in Yemen war

Pentagon has provided 'non-combat support' to Saudi Arabia, including intelligence sharing and air-refueling missions. Source link

Has the Yemen campaign achieved its goals?

Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners launched a military campaign in the Arab world's poorest country in March 2015. Source link

1,000 days of war in Yemen, 'land of blood and bombs'

Yemenis despair of unending death and destruction as their country continues to be embroiled in a regional proxy war. Source link

US to Saudis: Temper actions on Yemen, Qatar, Lebanon

US secretary of state advises kingdom to be 'a bit more measured' and 'thoughtful' in its actions in the Middle East. Source link
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