The Save the Bee & Climate/Data collection against drug abuse walk May 2019

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May 2019- The Save the Bee & Climate/Data collection against drug abuse walk.The walk began on the Ft Mojave Indian Reservation(Avi Casino/Laughlin NV) on Sunday May 5, 2019. The walk signifiies how a people, by coming together can make a difference. For the land, the critters and all natural suroundings. To sing and pray for the people whom struggle with addiction. Like, our ancestors used to, with several tribes participating. As, a one we are called the YUMAN.

Bobby Wallace, a Kumeyaay Native and tribal member of the Barona Band of Mission Indians. Located in the San Diego mountains.

Bobby- “Chief of the longest Walk. I am Bobby Wallace, with Chief Harry Kindness. Together we embarked on a prayer walk for the bees and climate. Along, with a small group of individuals”.

“Our goal is to collect data on drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence. To present to Congress in 2020. Real,cases that will assist with Grant fund distribution throughout the country”.

“We are in a world of heavy drug use and alcoholism. Of which, is killing our people. We have come to believe, that providing funds will open doors to more education programs to address these issues”. “As we travel, we will be laying tobacco, and sharing medicine with many, we are Red Road Warrior Society”.
“The closing ceremony, will be June 1st at Camp Verde with singing and dancing and prayer. Another part of the climate prayer is for nuclear waste disposal. Holtec wants to ship San Onofre waste by railway to sites in New Mexico. Other waste will be going by railway through the heart of the Mojave by railway”. (See- Google samuel Lawrence Foundation). will posted. The walk will be in Peach Springs, Az (Hualapai Indian Reservation). On Friday May 17th, come out and join The Red Road Society in song, Prayer and education on this on going political event.

As,a people we can build a voice that will be heard around the world. Not, Only spoken, but prayers and songs that creator will hear once again. From the beginng of our creation spoken to the spirit. To the struggle of which our world has been infested with… #one people-

Courtesy of- RezconnectEnt & Promotions / Rezervation Bosses, Red Road Warrior Society, Larry Hammond Birdz and Soul Central Magazine


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