The world of Cannabis. What the benefits are for medical use and the difference between Sativa and Indica.

December 8, 2020 – As part of Soul Central Magazine Arts, culture and history. We are researching, the world of cannabis. What the benefits are for medical use and the difference between sativa and indica. It is a belief that ” God put this here for you and me”. It is from the earth and it is a proven fact that it has healing in it. Like, any other substance it can be abused and become a problem for ones self-Soul Central Magazine Owner Mark Rowe, of Jamaican decent.

As we end 2020, we are reminded of, the pandemic of this past year. We lost so many beings, that we have to think. What is the problem with government. What is the problem within ourselves. We have to learn to eat right. Take care of our bodies and our minds.

Cannabis, is a healthy choice for us. Its natural, we can ingest it in so many ways. By, drink or on food. Now, here’s something im gonna share. I love to cook and i dont smoke cannabis. I believe that there is a better way to promote cannabis consumption. I have watched a hand ful of loved ones use Cannabis. To relax the mind, be free of stress and the worldly headaches that come about. I believe that in the years to come that Cannabis will be prescribed more often then pills. However, there are a variety of flowers, herbs, plants and other organic foods that help your bodily functions- Clarence Gonzales(SCM/ World of Cannabis),(RezconnectEnt &Promotions).

In this months forum we are interviewing with- Nicholas Barreto, a Cannabis cup judge from Boulder, Colorado. This is what Nicholas shared with Soul Central Magazine “World Of Cannabis”-

Can you share with us exactly what cups you have judged in past few years?

NICHOLAS: High Times Cannabis and Connoisseurs’ Cup, 710 Cup, The Golden Gram Awards, and Extractors Cup.

What are the points or specifics that qualifies a winning growers product or extraction?

NICHOLAS: The specifics are judged, how the cannabis is grown and the result of the final product. The flower should be grown in a clean enviroment with much attention to detail. The final product should be free of chemicals, pesticides, and mold. Having a great bud structure with terpenes that strongly emanate and call attention to itself as well as being effectively.

I myself been wanting to educate myself on cooking with oils. Can you enlighten us on the oils and benefits of cooking and ingesting of cannabis?

NICHOLAS: The benefits i believe are, a wider spread of cannabinoids. Without the addition of smoke. Which can deliver the full benefit. To help people especially those with respiratory issues.

Share some information about your self.
your favorite type of cannabis to ingest (sativa or indica)?

NICHOLAS: Choosing between sativa and indica is like choosing between your favorite child, for me. I like each for its specific properties for instance Sativa tends to give more energy while indica is more sedative so if im looking to be creative i lean towards Sativa, when im looking to relax i will go for Indica and when i want the best of both worlds then its an hybrid. A classic favorite strain would have to be Super Silver Haze.

Whats your opinion on wax and dabs?

NICHOLAS: My opinion, is the product for people or patients,¹ looking for more potent effects. I love fresh frozen live rosin given there is no solvent used. Making the product healthier for ingestion.

“I started using Cannabis at age18. Using was a recreational thing”, Nicholas, shares with World of Cannabis. In 2012, Nicholas moved to Colorado.

As,, we talked about Cannabis. Nicholas shared that after watching a documentary called “Run from the cure”(As Seen in High Times Magazine), By Rick Simpson. His love for being involved with medicinal Cannabis Sparked. Shortly, after Nicholas stated that he started recommending Cannabis to others as healing.

For professional feedback on your brand contact Nicholas at: Ig @Cannabis.Connoisseur.007

” SCM WORLD OF CANNABIS “, Brand of the Month-

Cannihoneys- A brand with spice and bold femininity behind it-

Las Vegas- entrepreneur Rachael Porras, (founder) and Jessica Munoz. (co- founder), of the Cannihoneys Chamoy. A chamoy with a kick. Cannabis infused chamoy that is. Their creation made a break through in mid October 2020. With the infused chamoy.

Since, 2010 Rachael sparked an interest in cooking with cannabis. Due to a medical issue and by trial and error. Rachael’s experience Ranges from bar tending to cooking and is no stranger to the cannabis scene. With the Cannihoneys_lv new product, we hope to see the brand thrive in the edible Cannabis market.

The logo, is a finaminal creation with a mix of sexy and bold feminism. Soul Central Magazine (World of Cannabis), caught up with Rachael Porras and ask her a few questions-

This is what Rachael shared with “SCM WORLD OF CANNABIS “-

Why did you choose the name any reason in particular?

Rachael: CanniHoneys branched off from my past name Clark County Sweets, it represents my team of girls who have their own careers and talents.

Whats your background in the food industry?

Rachael: My background is Bartending, retail management, restaurant management and hotel room Reservations. I LOVE HOSPITALITY from all angles and experiences.

Whats your goal with the product?

Cannihoneys: Our goal for the product is to be a part of friend gatherings. We want the product in dispensaries all over the legal states.

Where do you see yourself in a five years from now?

Rachael: In five years my goal is to have a fully equipped restaurant and introduce fine dining and the full experience. Cannabis infused is not the ONLY twist ! There’s more to this goal … ️

We asked Rachel if she was an indica or sativa fan ? And asked what her favorite brand of cannabis was?

Rachael– I’m a Hybrid fan all the way! I like both strains and my favorite is Gorilla Glue or any of the Og Kush families!

Rachael: I also look for the best quality and strains for my Infused Chamoy , based like wines and pairing for my infused flavors!

For ordering information- @cannihoneys_lv

25$ for a 6oz Container/includes the chile salt (not infused).

Soul Central Magazine/World of Cannabis. Thanks to our team for 2020, 2021. COURTESY OF REZCONNECT ent& Promotions.


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