Their Benefits And How To Find Them!

Wrist wraps provide that necessary extra support for your wrists. This prevents your wrists from bending in the wrong way, experiencing fatigue or straining too much. Wearing wrist wraps stabilizes your wrists, keeping them secure, strong and tight.

This support is necessary so you can lift better and focus on your target muscles instead of your wrists receiving pressure and doing all the labor.

As previously mentioned, wearing wrist wraps help you concentrate more on the muscles you want to train.

This is also important so that you will have a way to know which muscles get tired and fatigued easily. That way, you can adjust or rethink your routines accordingly.

According to Tony Bonvechlo from, using wrist wraps selectively and carefully during preparation can increase your strength and size gains. This will also benefit your main lifts.

Wrist wraps have also been known to correct your wrist form during lifts. This assists users in preventing and recovering from injuries due to different sports and activities.

  • Useful In Bicep Curls And Triceps Exercises

Although not noticed by many, John from the LMR show claims that the use of wrist wraps help stabilize the wrist and hands. This prevents you from using the strength of your shoulders when curling. This reduces your risk of getting any injury.

  • Heavier, More Frequent Training

By enhancing your grip, wrist wraps help enable you to train with heavier weights more frequently. When used properly, the best wrist wraps are effective in reducing hand and wrist pain.

This allows you to handle more repetitions and reaps more benefits from your workouts. With a stronger grip, you are also able to hold on more securely on heavier weights for easier lifting. This also reduces muscle and joint strain, so you avoid getting injured.

  • Prevent Or Reduce Injuries

According to statistics, studies have shown that about a million Americans had weight training-related injuries between 1990 to 2007 mainly involving the wrists. However, recent studies have proven that simply wearing wrist wraps can prevent most of these injuries.

The four main types of injuries that are prevented or reduced by using wrist wraps include carpal tunnel syndrome, syndesmosis, tendinitis, and wrist strain. It is important for lifters to know about the risks of these conditions so check them out here:

This injury often misdiagnosed as arthritis is caused greatly by overuse or consistent, repetitive and prolonged use of the hands and wrists. It causes the entrapment or compression of the median nerve by the surrounding tendons, resulting to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms can include a weak grip, limited finger motion, muscle weakness, tingling, numbness, and wrist pain which can extend to the elbows. These can be treated by using wrist braces or straps, non-inflammatory drugs, resting the wrists, or sometimes even requires surgery.

The syndesmosis is usually caused by bending the wrists too far from the normal range of motion. This may happen to lifters when they try to lift weights that they cannot handle. This causes a great deal of pain and damage to tissues.

Due to frequent misdiagnosis as a sprain, syndesmosis is often left untreated. Because of this, the damage becomes permanent. The treatment includes cartilage-stimulating supplements, cryotherapy, wrist braces or straps, or surgery.

Also due to overuse, tendinitis is the condition when your wrists become irritated, swollen, and inflamed. This may cause redness, heat, and pain sometimes intensify during activities or at night.The usual treatments are cryotherapy, physical therapy, immobilization, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rest.

When a tendon or muscle becomes twisted or pulled, a wrist strain injury happens, often also due to overuse. It can cause inflammation, cramps, pain, swelling, weakness, muscle spasms and limited motion.

Treatments include wrist splints, braces or straps, cryotherapy and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes, surgery is also required.

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