Thousands Around the World Protest Instagram to Make #EveryBODYVisible on October 29 International Internet Day

#EveryBODYVisible list of demands:

1) Clarity. We would like further insights into how Instagram’s algorithms work, about what gets engagement and what is banned why. After a variety of interviews with Instagram, we have been told the following [from my interview with Instagram in March]:

Uncomfortable content for Instagram includes pictures, videos and digitally-created content that:

  • Shows sexual intercourse
  • Genitals
  • Close-ups of butts that are fully naked
  • Some photos of female nipples (which ones wasn’t clear), although photos of post-mastectomy scarring, women breastfeeding or boobs where nipples are censored are ok.

Instagram claim they do allow photos of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.

We need more clarity than that, since many of the posts that are banned only include bikinis or performers wearing nipple tassels. Clarity – like an instructions leaflet – is necessary when using a service. Instagram have so far refused to be clear.

2) Work with women and minorities to retarget algorithms. A variety of communities have been affected by censorship and the shadowban. We’d like to meet with someone other than the press team to discuss how we can work together to change a model that clearly isn’t working. This can be done in London, US and AUS HQ.


3) Share information about your algorithm-making teams. We’d like to know how many women, LGBTQIA+ people and minorities work in your algorithm targeting team, as it appears that only one point of view – that of cis heterosexual white males – is considered at the moment while targeting your algorithms. Additionally, after finding out about the poorly paid working conditions of content moderators, we would like to know more about how the Instagram algorithm is trained and the working conditions of their contracted laborers.


4) Consistency. We would like IG to be consistent. If it allows celebrities and models to post nude pictures, it should do the same with people with less of a following. The fitness model @yaelaheart has a 3 Million follower profile that posts on her posterior (not that there’s anything wrong with that) while #sundaybumday shots from smaller profiles get shadow banned for being borderline content.


5) We would like to better understand the promotion process. Instagram refuses to promote businesses such as pole studios, sex toys and anything remotely related to sex education. Paying to stay visible, and selective promotion feel like unfair tactics to sway the flow of information to Instagram’s users. We would like to find out the standards behind this, to know what stops an ad from running and the ethos behind preventing certain brands to advertise.


6) Acknowledge the sociological and psychological effect of shadow banning. When Instagram demotes the visibility of people they feel shouldn’t be seen without adequate consideration for those affected, it marginalizes the groups most often already marginalized. For example LGTBQ+ People, Black People, Plus Size People, Sex Positive People etc are often a target of the vaguely inappropriate moderation policy. At this moment the hashtag for #fitnessgirls and it’s 2.8 million posts are inaccessible, while the #fitnessguys hashtag collects countless pics of topless guys at the gym. We would like Instagram to publicly state that this is a problem and that something is being done about unfair censorship.

On Tuesday 29 October, International Internet Day, we post with the hashtag #EveryBODYVisible We will tag Instagram chiefs

@Mosseri, @SherylSandberg, @DavisAntigone @maxinepwilliams @Schrep, @Guyro

We share a picture –  you can post your own choice, or @EveryBODYVisible logo, or repost the beautiful nude group photograph on @ EveryBODYvisible.

In honor of this day, we as communities want to voice our concerns and bring them to the attention of the people who run Instagram.  We are regularly and blatantly discriminated against.  Deleted, blocked, banned, unfollowed and only existing in the land of shadows.  We feel left out, hurt and are being greatly affected by this treatment.  We ask that you pay attention and include EVERYBODY as you once did.  Explain your choices.  Talk to us. Right now, you are ghosting us with ZERO explanation.  We want #everyBODYvisible @everybodyvisible

WE WANT: Clear guidelines, equally-applied ‘community standards’, right of appeal, and an urgent review into algorithmic bias disproportionately affecting the visibility of women, LGBTQIA folx, People of Color, sex workers, dancers, athletes, fitness fans, artists, photographers & body-positive Instagram users. .


Models @sagesovereign, @cheekylane, @blainepetrovia, @frankie_mxsgendered


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