TMT Elite Sponsor Packages

TMT Elite Sponsor Packages

Dear Potential Sponsor:

There is nothing more precious than a child’s dream. At TMT Elite, our sole purpose is to help our youth reach their athletic dreams. This year we are pleased to announce that our team has merged with TMT Youth Football. We are joining forces to help more Las Vegas athletes achieve their dreams. We will bring increased visibility and assistance in building a better student athlete foundation for high school and college.

Being part of a competitive football team is extremely demanding and time consuming for players, coaches and parents. We emphasize the importance of family, friends, schoolwork, and development of players. It is critical that our players, coaches and parents are fully dedicated to our sole purpose of helping prepare these athletes for high school, allowing them every opportunity to learn and grow along the way. Monetary donations are extremely helpful in covering sponsored registrations, training, equipment, uniforms, travel, and tournament fees. 100% of funds donated to our camp are used specifically for the players and their families, especially those needing financial assistance.

Our goal for the organization is to give every child an equal opportunity to participate in youth football. The important life skills learned and bonds that are created should be available to every child that wants to be involved. Your donation will make that happen. We believe our athletes will become strong individuals and model citizens that will pay it forward in their future and understand the importance of giving others the opportunities they have been given by their community.

We humbly appeal to your generosity and ask that you consider our organization worthy of your sponsorship and/or donation. Donations are tax deductible under the LV Elite Football TIN: 82-3866512.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or require more information about our organization. Please visit our instagram and facebook pages at @tmtelitefootball, @lvelitefootball, and @tmtfootball.


Macc Tyler
Camp Director


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