Tony Taylor performs his award winning single Faithfull in India.

#shout_outshoutouts_ from #topgospelartistof the year 2019 and more!! Ujwala Tai Pawar Totally Rock!!

After I left my music tour and more in India- What the Talented Junior Charlie and these amazing young people ( students) did with my hit single titled He’s faithful blows me away!!

All that haven’t seen – here’s your chance to support,view, subscribe and enjoy as you follow these instructions and links at the end of this shout out!!

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God bless you all always 🙏 and your families and thank you very much!! Feel free to share this post on your social medias!!

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Thanks so much 😊 #hesfaithful #hesfaithfultour…


  1. Thanks so much 😊 CEO Mark Rowe!! The Rock continues 🙌 Haha! This is totally Awesome a d a great surprise Indeed 😁 God bless you always and your family and work!!


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