Turn hunger into hope with your own two hands, Feed my starving children – Fmsc.org #GLOBAL #UNITY

Please support this cause read more info here >https://www.fmsc.org/

Soul Central Magazine caught up with Ceo of Life Time Distribution Mr James Scott recently. Him and his team and have been effortlesly helping others accomplish their dreams.

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Life Time Distribution Entertainment / Girl Scout of Arizona. Beside donating direct cash gifts we found a easy way to support staving children in our everyday life. This cost us nothing but time and effort, and all our convenient.

And many even have tax benefits! This is like tapping easy money to turn hunger into hope. We are being a global impact for the staving children around the world. Our day started off listening to how we could help children and their families which was powerful presentation. Then we choose different jobs to do with packing boxes to send overseas to the Philippines. We packed up a 109 boxes to feed 94 families for a year.

Please support this cause read more info here >https://www.fmsc.org/


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