#UndergroundWGN Season 2, Episode 7 – “28” + Watch Full Video…

WGN’s hit series ‘Underground’ aired it’s 7th episode last night (April 19, 2017).

Last week, we were treated to a full episode honoring Harriet Tubman.

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This week’s episode is titled “28,” and we are once again reunited with our favorite Undergound cast of characters, who pick up with even more drama than before.


Rosalee and Noah learn that family betrayal cuts the deepest.

In case you missed it, watch episode below…

VIDEO: Underground Season 2, Episode 7 “28”
Crafty Cato…

Cato is now officially the ‘n*gga we love to hate’ (or hate to love).

After being ‘free’ and flaunting his wealth up north in Pennsylvania, Cato is now the puppet of Patti whasserface and her slave catcher gang who has beaten him into submission and turned him into a bald headed, no eyebrows having traitor.

Patti has made a deal to earn $7 for each free men she sells into the slave trade and she’s chosen Cato to reel them all in.

Cato now finds himself indebted to Patti for his own freedom and the freedom of the woman he loves, Devi. The deal is for him to get Patty 30 “slaves” for his freedom and 30 “slaves” for Devi’s.

Things quickly change for Cato when he tells Devi about the deal, and she’s disgusted that he would do such a thing to innocent people.

“You need it to justify all the bad things that you do,” she tells him, “when the truth is, you’re just a bad man.”

That seems to make things a bit easier for Cato, who ‘renegotiates’ a new deal. Now he only has to ‘trick’ half as many since he no longer has to buy his lover’s freedom.

It’s hard out there for a burnt faced, freshly shaved, no eyebrows having ex-house knee grow, but I guess somebody has to do it.

Ernestine created a monster…

Ernestine has been teaching a young slave girl named Clara, on how to use her feminine wiles to woo the master… and it seems to have worked.

Clara is now in a position of power as the Master Mathew’s mistress and she’s relishing the moment.  For whatever reason, Clara seems to think that Master Mathew’s love makes her less of a slave than the others and I guess for the time being it does.

Clara has now exercise her “power’ to get Master Mathew to remove all the opiates from the slave quarters, with “severe punishment” for anyone caught with them.

It’s clear that Clara wants to make Hicks (Ernestines bedmate and Clara’s almost baby daddy) life miserable.  As the drug man, he’s caught, beaten down, and punished with a cage over his head but that’s not enough.

Clara wants him dead (“just like my baby” she says), so she gives Ernestine an ultimatum to make a poison to have that done.

The real tea is that Clara actually wanted the poison to give to Ernestine for her role in killing Clara’s child but Ernestine was two steps ahead because the ‘poison’ was actually lemon water and thyme… “You’re owed blood. But you can’t have mine,” Ernestine tells her.

Clara decides to get back at Ernestine by telling Matthew that Ernestine’s a sneaky, untrustworthy liar and has him send his men to do to her what they did to Hicks.

But again… Ernestine is way ahead of the game!  Come to find out, that expensive bottle of Matthew’s booze that was missing (the one Clara told a house slave to say she drank herself, to avoid having to look for it), Ernestine stole!! She trades it to a boat captain to take her (and her leftover opiates) to the mainland… to freedom!

Sadly her freedom is short lived as she bumps into August shortly after hitting the mainland!

Noah and The ‘Black Rose’…

Noah has reunited with Rosalee and they are now like the ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ of the slave era.  Rosalee is with child but it seems, Noah is still unaware of that fact.

I’m sure if he knew, he would have never agreed to return to Macon… but that’s a moot point since Rosalee was adamant about ‘saving’ her mother and little brother.

As expected, things don’t go quite as planned as Rosalee finds out from Cora that Ernestine has been sold and her little brother, James, is now being raised inside the big house with the mistress.

When Rosalee attempts to gather James for their run to freedom, the little bugger screams and she ends up captured.  All that dayum running and now she’s back in the same plantation she left from!!! *sigh*

We’re left with a helluva cliffhanger as Rosalee is being branded by the overseer who once tried to rape her. Noah is there to save her but she signals for him to wait.  He doesn’t take the hint until she yells, ‘I’m with child!’

[Sidebar: That’s a heckova way to find out he’s gonna be a dad!  But I digress…]

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of Underground?