We speak to the inspirational Duo, The Hammond Brothers.

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The Hammond Brothers are fraternal twins, Dale and Gale. They are Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Recording Artists, Comedians, and Actors. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, The Hammond Brothers perform various styles of music including country, pop, gospel, and rock-a-billy.

They have performed on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry, TNN’s Nashville Now, Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, The Heartland USA, Jerry Lewis National Telethon, Las Vegas Hilton, and Broadway. They have performed with such artists as George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Paul Anka, as well as Donny & Marie Osmond.

Dale and Gale have also toured to open shows for Hoyt Axton, The Pointer Sisters, Merle Haggard, and others.

On October 12, 2013, The Hammond Brothers were inducted into The Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame and received a 2019 Josie Award for Duet of the Year.



Q & A with Dale and Gale Hammond


What is your main mission as musical artists?


Our life’s crusade is always to spread love through music. We believe that our music can help people through difficult times and bring them joy no matter what their circumstances.

What are some things that got you both into music and entertainment?


We were always strongly influenced by gospel music. We’re originally from Benton, Illinois, and our father was a Baptist evangelist, so we started performing gospel style music when we were just 5 years old. Since our father traveled throughout the country a lot to preach, we always went along with him which gave us the opportunity to sing and perform for many different people.


Our mother was also a big influence on our desire to sing. She always supported our love for singing and instilled in us the strength to always make room for music in our lives. She taught us that music was not only entertaining, but it was spiritual and very healing to the soul. Unfortunately, she passed away when were were just teenagers, but there was one moment right before she died that always stayed at the forefront of our minds. She said, “Whatever you do, don’t stop singing because I have had a vision of the two of you performing for many people across the world”. Her words have proven to be prophetic because singing to help make people happy is what we’ve always strived to do.


Are there any specific musical artists who have been an influence on your singing and songwriting careers?


Again, gospel music is our greatest influence which is one of the reasons that Elvis Presley is our favorite performer. When we were about the age of 9, we had the chance to sit down with Elvis at the piano and sing along with him. Our mother was a distant cousin of his mother Gladys, so we were very blessed to have been able to meet and spend some time with him. Other artists like The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Merle Haggard, Elton John, The Birds, The Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Eagles have also had a great influence on our style of singing and songwriting.


What are some things that make your performances so special?


Our ability to harmonize with one another is probably our best talent and it remains to be a driving force behind our performances. Being twins and having such a strong bond with one another helps us to connect with our songs and we really have fun making music as a team. Our relationship also helps us to better relate and connect to our audiences. When you come to see a Hammond Brothers show, you will feel like you are sitting in your living room. That is how we make our audiences feel…relaxed and happy. We truly believe that music is soothing to the soul and that no matter what a person may be going through, music can always lift your spirit in a positive direction.


What do you want to say with your music?


We truly believe that music is a universal language and that it has the unique power to break down barriers between people regardless of their religion, creed, or background. We want to make the world a better place by helping people to forget their troubles by listening to our music. The songs we write and perform are filled with heartfelt lyrics and melodies that inspire people to be more uplifted and motivated to pursue better lives.

What are your plans for the future?


We plan to continue performing our music throughout the world and bringing happiness to all who hear us. We are hoping to visit Europe soon with a tour that will include performances in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and other countries throughout Europe.


Our fans are important to us and we are looking forward to making new ones in the coming months. Please stay up to date with us by visiting our website at www.TheHammondBrothers.com.


What else do you want your fans and new listeners to know about The Hammond Brothers?


First and foremost, we are very spiritual people and we do not put limits on love. We believe that our music is anointed and that it touches all people who hear it in a very positive way. Our performances are driven by harmony with great songs that we write ourselves as well as some cover songs that we make our own.


While onstage, we incorporate humor in between our songs which we have found is a great way to keep our audiences fully engaged. We feel that if we can make people laugh and smile, our music can be even more impactful and memorable. Everybody has fun and feels a personal connection to us when they attend a Hammond Brothers show. We strive to always support our fans and to give them the most personal attention that we can.


How can fans buy your music and stay in touch?


All of our music is available online via our website at www.TheHammondBrothers.com. You may also send us a message and sign-up for our newsletter as well as visit our social media channels. Performance dates are also posted on our website. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Here are just a few select comments from account buyers, promoters and audiences around the world.


“If the Hammond Brothers are near or around your city, go see them. They are an act you’ll never forget.”


“The Hammond Brothers offer a new and very unique sound and a positive feeling is felt by all who listen to them.”


Read the full story in our next print publication of soul central magazine and make sure to go and support the Hammond Brothers at www.thehammondbrothers.com


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