We speak to the Utah State Attorney General at the Capitol Hill.

Utah State Attorney General Shouts Out Soul Central Magazine for supporting The Fight against Human Sex Trafficking
Interviewed by Ambassador Chris Newhart.

Sean D Reyes spoke on Human Trafficking along with Dan Strong Assistant Attorney General from the SECURE Strike Force at The Utah Attorney General’s Office, Andrea Sherman M.Ed, SSW, Trafficking In PersonPersons Director, Refugee Immigrant Center – Asian Association of Utah, Suzie Skirvin – Human Trafficking Survivor, Josh Caless – Supervisory Special Agent SECURE Strike Force, Attorney General’s Office’s Investigation Division (Not Pictured for Security Reasons), and
Kathy Francheck-Roa MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Utah School of Medicine.

Thank you to Attorney General, Sean D Reyes endorsing Christopher Newhart and Soul Central Magazine for there support and partnering with The Utah State Attorney General’s Office!

Date: January 22, 2019
Event: Brown Bag: Human Trafficking 101
Location: Utah State Capitol
Reporting and Recording Live for
Soul Central Magazine / Soul Central TV /
Gorrilla Mafia Entertainement US and International Productions /
Gorrilla Mafia Media


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