What Are Your Superpowers? Teresa Velardi

What Are Your Superpowers?
Teresa Velardi

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “Superwoman?” I really hadn’t thought of myself as a Superwoman that way until I was introduced to a campaign called “I Am a Superwoman.” It is focused on eliminating domestic violence and sex trafficking and bringing positivity and solidarity for all, especially for our children… the next generation.
This had me thinking about my own journey out of domestic violence. I took a “not so pleasant to remember” stroll down memory lane and realized that I am one of very few who have had the courage to say, “NO!” or to leave for personal safety and the safety of the children. Having acknowledged that, I will gratefully and courageously step up to claim my “Superwoman” title!
I encourage anyone who is in a situation that’s causing emotional or physical harm to get help. When I’m speaking to someone who is experiencing harm, I tell them the first step to freedom is telling someone you trust. You’ve suffered in silence long enough, and there is so much more on the other side of the pain and suffering. You’ll discover there are so many things to be grateful for.

My own freedom was the first thing I was thankful for. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, I was a character in someone else’s script, acting the part and losing myself in the process. Lost and afraid of my own life is not how I imagined my future and something had to change. Relying on God as my Higher Power along with trusted friends and professionals to lean on and learn from, the day finally came to make the decision to take my life back. It was through the process of finding my way back to God, my Higher Power, that I discovered my superpowers. We all have them.

Our superpowers are the gifts and talents we have each been given. Do you know what yours are? I believe they are tied to our purpose in life. Your individual talents and abilities are part of who you are. They may be artistic talents, intelligence, physical strength, organizing ability, your ability to speak in front of groups and more. They are an innate part of each of us. Sometimes they are unrecognized, unused or even set aside until a circumstance of life brings them forward, and we discover a new capability or talent we didn’t know we had. Our superpowers, aka our gifts and talents, were gifted to us long before we were born.

It took making a decision to divorce that sent me into the world of the unknown where my own gifts and talents began to emerge. I’ve always had an artistic streak in me, but I didn’t really discover the magnitude of my pottery making and writing abilities until after I finally stood up for myself and my son, then moved far away from what I called “home.” More than that, our move had a huge effect on my son and his discovery of his own gifts and talents. Yes, there was a period of adjustment, where things didn’t go so well, but in the long run, life was so much better… even with its multitude of challenges. There was no one telling me what to do, how to do it, who to be, how to be, and moreover, that person would not come knocking on my door in an attempt to do so.

Life is so much different today. My mornings begin with quiet time with God, writing in my journal, which always starts with gratitude. I write at least three things, people or happenings I am grateful for every morning. Sometimes it’s something that happened the day before, or someone I may have interacted with who I recognize for their kindness or good nature. If you are looking for it, there is goodness in front of you and all around you, all the time. That wasn’t always the case for me… I was focused on the darkness of the life I was living and was always afraid, even though I put on a brave front, I was tentative and wondering what would happen next. Not anymore!

Now my superpowers carry me through my days. I spend time being creative every day, whether it be writing or playing in the clay. More importantly, I make that early morning time my top priority. I recognize all the blessings given me, even the experience of domestic abuse; without that, I may not have become as strong or as resilient as I am today. I choose to be grateful for all of my life experiences, all that I have and all that is to come.
So, what are your superpowers? Have you discovered them yet? Let me encourage you to make your list by sharing what I have discovered to be my superpowers.

⦁ I have been gifted the ability to write well and have been published many times.
⦁ I can speak in front of many people without fear.
⦁ I have been gifted with the ability to make beautiful pottery
⦁ Soon I will combine making pottery and my writing ability into a book about transformation.

⦁ I have the ability to see the good in others.
⦁ Loving-kindness lives in my soul.
⦁ I’m a great connector of people.
⦁ Friendship is a wonderful gift and I cherish my friends.

Embrace your superpowers and claim your title of Superwoman!

About the I AM A SUPERWOMAN campaign:

I AM A SUPERWOMAN is a far-reaching campaign designed to inspire, empower, engage, and create opportunities for equality for women & girls, men & boys locally, nationally, and globally. The I AM A SUPERWOMAN movement seeks to trigger a foundational shift in culture and leadership. The movement is committed to inspiring and empowering the masses. We are re-educating and re-calibrating the collective mindset towards accountability and responsibility.
This is a HUMAN issue. More than half the population of the world
has been affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking.
On the website, http://superwomandonations.org/, my good friend, Barbara Niven has a video she created in support of the campaign, please take a minute to watch it.
This article was previously published in Positive Tribe Magazine www.positivetribe.com

Teresa Velardi is an Author, Editor, Speaker, Publisher, Potter and Transformational Life Coach. She will bring out the greatness within you as you discover your innate ability to shift every aspect of your life into high gear! Uncover the Dynamic person within and wake up to your most powerful, prosperous and passionate life. Learn more about Teresa at www.teresavelardi.com email her at teresavelardi@gmail.com


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