‘When Teens Kill’ presented by Aaron Roach Bridgeman

When Teens Kill is a brand new  four-part crime documentary series for 5STARAaron Roach Bridgeman explores some of the UK’s highest profile cases where teenagers have been convicted of murder or manslaughter.

Aaron looks at how social media is playing a part in inciting crime amongst the younger generation in a phenomenon known as ‘Cyber Banging’. He also investigates the tragic death of 21 year old homeless Romanian Razvan Sirbu , whom was attacked by a meat cleaver in Tovil, Kent.  Aaron explores the killing of teaching assistant Michael Adegbite in Enfield North London. Michael came face to face with his killer after posting an advert on line to sell a laptop which resulted in him being stabbed to death in broad daylight. Aaron unearths how cocaine is affecting Britain’s teenagers, and how in Denton, Greater Manchester, one 15 year old boy was found guilty of the murder of promising footballer Dom Doyle having gone on a cocaine fuelled violent attack.

Using a range of testimonies from families, friends, police detectives, lawyers, journalists, and other experts, the series explores the psychological and behavioural issues which can lead a teenager to take another person’s life.

Wednesday evenings 9pm on 5Star

Ps. Later that evening on the Wednesday, Aaron’s breakout documentary – the hugely popular ‘One Punch Killers’ is being aired at 11.05pm on Channel 5.

We hope you get to watch tomorrow and we welcome any feedback..

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