Who is “Sahota Vision” ?

Kia Ora! Introducing  “Sahota Vision”, a dynamic sibling music duo from a small town called Pukekohe in South Auckland New Zealand. Also known as Jacob Sahota and Christy Sahota. Their new single out on the 10th of May is “Where Are You” by Sahota Vision.

Christy has harbored a longstanding passion for music, her dream manifesting through her distinctive vocals ever since she was 2 years old. Jacob’s foray into the musical scene is a recent development, initially a supportive presence for Christy’s solo endeavors, humbling being behind the scenes. His latent talent revealed itself during a studio session, paving the way for the creation of Sahota Vision.

Sahota Vision is like no other, a Punjabi sibling duo who have been best friends since birth. A sibling duo who represent love, kindness, and humility and most importantly are here to give hope to anyone who hears their music and their story, to know that they’re not alone in their struggles. Sahota Vision is a multitalented, bilingual, singer-songwriter, rapper, athletic, intelligent, and proficient in numerous instruments.

Their faith in Christ Jesus has kept them grounded and their Mum, Meena, has been their biggest support since day one, with such beautiful characteristics, strength, and willpower to continue in life no matter how difficult the hardships in life they have to face. With Christ as their Lord and Saviour, they’ve faced many challenges in life and have felt defeat and the pressures of giving up but God has been what kept them grounded in who they are as siblings and as children of Christ. Christy and Jacob also want to inspire others to chase their dreams. In their words “It’s only a crazy idea until you do it, so don’t give up”.

The Music industry can be a beautiful place as well as such a dangerous place to be in which is why Christy and Jacob do things diligently with no rush. They believe that music is God’s will for them and they are here to send a message to everyone when they write their music. Christy and Jacob want to do everything gracefully,  but it is a journey, and with that comes trials and tribulations, which they’re learning about, along the way.

They have many inspiring influences, Justin Bieber being one of their main ones. For Christy, Jacob has been a huge influence on her as an older brother. Jacob has carried many duties from a young age, he has always carried the responsibility of leadership and strength.

As artists Christy and Jacob are always striving for better, their minds are ticking creative bombs waiting to burst and be heard. They work hard at their craft every day, that 1% of hard work every day, is better than no hard work and effort put in a day. They enjoy being in the moment, for tomorrow is not promised, uplifting each other to become better versions of themselves.

You can expect Sahota Vision everywhere. New music, new content, new collaborations, merchandise and so much more! This is why you must follow Sahota Vision on every platform to keep up! @Sahotavision

They have a gig coming up on the 27th of April in Hamilton New Zealand at the event of Indian New Year. It’s their 3rd year to be the opening act to thousands of people, who get to hear Sahota Vision’s new single “Where Are You” as well as our first unreleased Punjabi song “Don’t Leave Me” They have another gig at Pukekohe Town Centre on the 4th of May where we will be performing their set list of all their original music by Sahota Vision. This will be a lovely welcoming event as this will be their 4th time performing.

Christy and Jacob’s tips/advice for aspiring artists like Sahota Vision: If you can see it and truly believe it, you can do it!! Social media is everywhere, be confident enough to showcase that you trying something new, you never know who is going to be inspired and you never know who’s going to view/comment. Post it, who cares about the haters!! Since when did it become cool to hate on people trying something new? Oh and put God before everything.

also known as Christy Sahota and Jacob Sahota, would like to thank every single person who has ever shown love and support to Sahota Vision, it inspires them to do what they do and continue doing it with grace. It never goes unnoticed. Know that you are loved and that your life matters. A grey cloud always moves away eventually.

Don’t forget to stream their single, out on the 10th of May “Where Are You” Sahota Vision. Please follow all socials to keep up with Sahota Vision and share!




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