William Strampel: Michigan supervisor of Larry Nassar arrested


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William Strampel (L) was Larry Nassar’s boss for several years at Michigan State University

A former Michigan State University dean who oversaw USA Gymnastics abuser Larry Nassar has himself been arrested for alleged criminal sexual misconduct.

William Strampel, 70, is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct and of storing nude photos of students, investigators say.

He was fired this year for not enforcing protocols to keep check on Nassar after a victim came forward.

Nassar is in prison for sexually assaulting hundreds of girls.

Following Nassar’s sentencing of up to 300 years in prison, the Michigan Attorney General announced a wider investigation into how the former doctor was able to evade detection by university authorities for years.

Special prosecutor Bill Forsyth said a “time sensitive” tip led them to Mr Strampel.

They searched Mr Strampel’s computer and found pornographic images, several of which turned out to be of Michigan State University (MSU) students.

Mr Strampel, who served as the dean of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2002-17, is due to appear in court on Tuesday on four counts a day after his arrest.

A court document released by investigators alleges that Mr Strampel:

  • Solicited pornographic images of women, some of whom were MSU students, and kept them on his computer
  • Grabbed the buttocks of two female students while serving as dean
  • Asked a student: “What do I have to do to teach you to be submissive and subordinate to men?”
  • Summoned several medical students to his office and made sexually suggestive comments or berated them about their appearance
  • Suggested a female student quit medical school and become a model
  • Stored several pornographic videos, including one of a female masturbating, on his work computer

Also on Mr Strampel’s computer was a video of Nassar performing a medical “treatment” on a young female patient, according to the affidavit.

Mr Strampel stepped down at the end of last year ostensibly for medical reasons, but initially remained on the college’s payroll.

The university has faced severe condemnation and public scrutiny for employing Nassar, 54, for years.

Nassar was a faculty member and worked as a physician at a clinic on the school’s campus, where much of the abuse took place.

In February, MSU fired Mr Strampel for failing to enact strict protocols that were introduced to monitor Nassar after Amanda Thomashow accused Nassar of abuse, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“William Strampel did not act with the level of professionalism we expect from individuals who hold senior leadership positions, particularly in a position that involves student and patient safety,” university interim president John Engler said last month in a statement.

After the complaint against Nassar in 2014, Mr Strampel allowed the doctor to continue treating patients before the investigation was complete.

During this time Nassar was able to molest several more women before coming to trial, according to the affidavit.

Every member of the USA Gymnastics board quit following Nassar’s widely publicised trial where hundreds of women came forward with personal testimonies about his abuse.

A lawyer representing more than 150 Nassar survivors praised the Michigan attorney general for the arrest of Mr Strampel.

“Our clients are encouraged by the Attorney General’s action today,” attorney John Manly said in a statement, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“It demonstrates that he is serious about investigating the systemic misconduct at MSU that led to the largest child sex abuse scandal in history and holding the responsible parties accountable.”

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