WOMEN: Issues, Candidates, And A Movement Women “Power Brokers” Set Course

Credit:  Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle
WOMEN: Issues, Candidates, And A Movement
Women “Power Brokers” Set Course Tomorrow At GA State Capitol
Hours after a national tragedy that might have been avoided if Devin Patrick Kelley’s domestic violence convictions had been reported to law enforcement, a gathering of powerful women stakeholders will take place tomorrow at the Georgia State Capitol.  A gathering that will take place only hours after Atlanta’s mayoral election, with many watching two top women contenders: Mayoral Candidates Mary Norwood and Keisha Lance Bottoms.
With an all-time record number of women U.S. Senators, issues are being raised in Congress that particularly impact the severely disadvantaged.  Issues such as public health, banking, and the environment, are being raised through courageous actions and words by the likes of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, to name a few.
A women’s movement is unfolding, unlike any other time in our nation’s history.  A momentous opportunity exists to create a tipping point for women’s issues, and women candidates running for office.  The remaining months of 2017 may point the way to setting a course for 2018 — one of public policy inclusion, if the women power brokers who are gathering tomorrow have a say in the matter.

Co-Hosts Pastor Sabrina McKenzie and GA State Rep. Billy Mitchell, and other distinguished national and local women’s rights leaders
“Power Brokers” Panel Discussion and News Conference
Tomorrow, November 8th, 2017
9:30am — Registration  10:00am — Panel Discussion
1:30pm — News Conference
News Conference Speakers:
Representative Billy Mitchell
Pastor Sabrina McKenzie
Nevada State Senator Patricia Spearman, ERA Legislation
Georgia State Senator Tonya Anderson
Georgia State Representative Carolyn Hugley
Georgia State Representative Sheila Jones
Georgia State Representative Doreen Carter
Henry County Commissioner Dee Clemmons
Founder of Georgia’s WIN List Melita Easters
Exec. Director, Women’s Action for New Directions(WAND) Becky Rafter
Criminal Justice/Civil Rights Attorney Tiffany Williams Roberts
Founder & CEO | Millennials Chamber of Commerce Raeha Kim, Esq.
Georgia State Capitol
Registration and Panel Discussion:  Senate Committee Room 341
News Conference:  South Rotunda
In response to increased violence and sexual abuse across the country, as in recent national media coverage about Harvey Weinstein, the National Taskforce for Domestic Violence has convened a nonpartisan, ecumenical coalition of high-powered women leaders and community activists to collect facts, data and resources that can be presented to Senate and House committees — data that will support the creation and protection of women’s rights-inclusive legislation during the 2018 legislative session, here in the state of Georgia, across the country, and in our nation’s Capitol.


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