Wong-Lorene is looking for a new engineer and Co-host for NEW MUSIC MONDAYS

Wong Lorene Cook, Mass Communications Extraordinaire

Creator of New Music Mondays Las Vegas, Wong- Lorene is looking to bring on a new engineer and Co-host to appear every Monday at 5pm pst., to broadcast live from HOT 702.5 sound studios. New Music Mondays began back in 2017 as a way to give up and coming artist a platform to get their music played and, experience a professional live interview.

New Music Mondays celebrated 2 years on the air in May of this year. The show was started with DJ Now or Later, who later became music director for the show. After moving to hot HOT 702.5 in mid summer of last year Wong- Lorene brought on Natrell Dotcom and friends as engineer and co-host; all of which have branched off and are now executive producing their own shows.

Wong-Lorene is now seeking new talent to join the “A Team” as co-host as well as an engineer. The engineer position would need to have DJ experience as well as working a sound board, the co-host would need a minimal amount of public speaking, personality, and enthusiasm.

HOT 702.5 has more than 628,000+ listers in 7 different countries, and the fasted growing internet and podcast company in the greater Las Vegas area.

If you are looking to increase your notoriety, and presence in the industry this is the opportunity for you. Interested candidates may apply by sending an interest letter to newmusicmondays1@gmail.com

Interest letter should include how your talent can enhance the show as well as increase listener ship. Interested parties should have at a minimum 5000 followers collectively on all social media platforms.

HOT 702.5
“Make Radio Great Again”


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