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March 24, 2020 – As part of Soul Central Magazine Arts, Culture and History. We are researching the world of cannabis. What the benefits are for medical use and the difference between sativa and indica. It is a belief that ” God put this here for you and me”. It is from the earth and it is a proven fact that it has healing in it. Like, any other substance it can be abused and become a problem for ones self.

Soul Central Magazine- Owner Mark Rowe, of Jamaican decent.

Soul central magazine asked, Affiliate Mr. Freeman Williams. Whom, by the way is a producer from Richmond, Ca. Owner of R label music and video producer. What his favorite brand of cannabis is and this was his response.“I like sandman and cookies anything cookies makes is fire. Salute to my brother berner. See sandman, has the look the smell the taste it’s that sit your ass down high opens up your hearing, When I’m mixxing music. Sandman exotic, as it gets its my favorite. But when I feel like moving around cookies baby all day hands down”.

Freeman Williams (R label owner producer music and film).

We met another cannabis, partaker from india and asked what the popular form of cannabis was in india.

Kuldeep Bhandari, is a Business Man, from shimla capital city of himachal pradesh. He owns the Recording Label “rpmstudio”, in the country of india. Kuldeep, responded with story of ” The untold story of Malana”.

Which is tradtional, filled with a culture from Malana, India. A beautiful thing, that I was intrigued by this. The story will be published in our next digital forum release. Here is brief knowledge on Malana cream.
Kuldeep Bhandari (rpmStudio Shimla capital city of himachal pradesh).
Malana Cream, is one of two best types of hash in india. It is becoming a scarce source of cannabis. A product from the hills of malani cannabis. When in india it’s a must. However, Malana cream, is featured in most coffee shops in Amsterdam. Our source in India will be releasing a story on Malana Cream.

Malana Cream (Hashish).

Soul Central Magazine, definitely lives up to its name as being global and local. We next take you to Sin City.

Las Vegas, Nv, a place of recreational use, slot machines, bright lights and cannabis delivery service.

We asked our affiliate, Las vegas rapper and former leafly associate Billy Jack Hewitt, his take on the service and how it assists partakers in the city. Is it a pro or a con and what the difference was on sativa and indica. With his opinion on some medical cannabis awareness.

Here is what billy Jack Hewitt shared with soul central magazine.Q: Pros of delivery service in Las Vegas ?

B: ” It becomes excessable to anyone, elderly, handicapped. It is convenient for patients whom get generally frustrated of being in a dispensary. For the fact that they do not have to leave their home. Because, of kids or just being plain lazy. We guide the consumer or patient when making a decision. We act as consultants to make suggestions, on the prescription. 
According, to the health elements they have.
 “For example-insomia, an indica would be most proper. It contains sedating effects that will help the patient sleep. It will gives  a calming effect. Doe see doe, which is high in terpenes mercy, is a great suggestion for insomnia. TERPENES MERCY, which is the reason for the highly sedating effects”.
Billy, adds that the delivery service, is a plus for a fact that it gives the patient the option  to purchase their medicine from the comfort of their home without dealing with the hussle and bussle of every day life. “
“While, watching your favorite show and listening to your favorite artist, Billy Bars”.

B-“Recreationally, it’s a benefit“.B-“Medically, patients deal with physical adversity, because of their condition. Patients, have physical attribute that could be perceived as debilitating. No, functionality, poor functionality which can be embarrassing, to be judged. With conditions such as multiple sclerosis, parconsis disease”.

We asked Billy Jack the difference between sativa and indica. This is what Billy, shared.

B-“Sativa- provides invigorating uplifting surreal effects that parallel physical activity. Increase creativity, focus and energy. Mostly, known for head high”.

B-“Indica- has a body high, deep relaxation as a seditive. Increasing deep relaxation and has calming effects”.

B-“Mercey limomin, can reduce stress and improves mood and is in the sativa plant“.

Billy Jack Hewitt- Billy Bars (Las Vegas Rapper and business consultant)

Big ups, to Billy Jack on all his ventures.  kudos to him for his work with Curaleaf, from all of us at soul central magazine.

Meanwhile, in ft worth Texas we spoke with Mr. Leonard Jones, owner of Bossgang Records. We asked him what his favorite brand of cannabis was that he appreciated puff, puff passing with. These where his words. ” U need that REAL OG…. that make u cough everytime u puff u can taste smell n feel the high… it’s different strands but in Tx OG is in high demand!!!”.

Chapo Ali (ft worth Texas rapper)

Our next victim, of the soul central magazine “World of Cannabis” column, was King General of Jamaica/ Florida. King general is a DJ, providing music of all  genres. We asked his opinion on Jamaican cannabis verses the cannabis in the US. With his opinion on the medicinal facts on Jamaica.

This is what King General shared with Soul Central  Magazine.

KG: “Jamaica cannabis, is raw it grows up deep in the hills. The thc is more then some chemical weed. The highness is comparable. Diesel, has chemical and it gives the cannabis an enriched highness.
Comparable to U.S, in states such as Baltimore more popular

What is the difference in price?

KG: “Same prices as U.S just have to find a guild and you can find your source”.

What is your opinion on medical?

KG: “Medical, is the same thing it gets you high”.

KG-“In Jamaica, the cannabis is natural. Here is somewhat natural. I Prefer cookies, brownies and gummies”.

We asked King General where at in Jamaica he is from?

“In Jamaica, I’m from Kingston”

What’s it like in Kingston?

KG: ” We have good and bad bad areas. I DJ there I get booked for big end events. I dj in the U.S, mostly in New York, Baltimore and Florida. For dj services I offer genres reggae, Spanish French hip hop clasical“.

You can Google Ras General to get more information  on his services.


Today, times are getting rough. We need to appreciate what the creator has blessed us with.

Cannabis, helps a people with sickness, pain and can be made into garments for a person to wear. Even, put food on the table and provide for ones family. Like, banana yucca, corn and other indigenous vegetables and plants.

Cannabis, has a bad reputation, when it becomes abused. It can be ingested taken in any form. The good thing is it will not kill you, like alcohol, heroin, meth and other drugs we have that alter your mind.

Please, from all of us here at, Soul Central Magazine. Partake responsibility, no puff, puff passing, till the Coronavirus is passed our people.

Courtesy of: Rezconnect Ent & Promotions / Soul Central Magazine.


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