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Product of the day:

Purple punch, the love child of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. Boasting frosty purple leaves with orange trichomes, this indica dominant hybrid will melt away the days troubles with just a few hits. The high is euphoric with a mellowing effect on the body and mind alike. If you love sweet smoke, you’ll love this flower!


Trimming, We’ve all been curious at some point.

Here’s a quick run through on how to trim Cannabis.

A lot of work goes into trimming, it’s easy to spend an entire day clipping away at sugar leaves, fan leaves and extra stems. Here’s a quick run through on how to trim Cannibas efficiently.

There are two options when it comes to trimming: Right off the plant (AKA wet trimming) or dry trimming. In the latter, you would  hang and dry out freshly harvested buds to trim to perfection later on. We will cover “wet trimming” today.

Most growers will trim before the buds are completely dry as it aids in mold prevention, color retention and overall drying/curing processes. By removing the extra mass the buds are able to dry quickly and retain more THC as well. Without further ado, let’s get into this!

Step one: Gather your supplies.

You’ll need good trimming scissors, the sharper and thinner the better!

Gloves — trimming is sticky work!

trays for placing your harvested buds on.

Bags for leaves, stems and trim (you can save this for later on!)

Step two: Clip full branches off your Cannabis plant, taking care not to damage any buds in the process. This makes things easier to work through. Cut a few at a time so you’re able to focus on what’s immediately in front of you — and not the workload you’re bound to have!

Step three: First to go are the fan leaves. These are the larger, plain leaves that “fan” out and away from the buds. They contain little THC and will have very little trichomes (AKA sugar) on them. You can use scissors or your hands to pull these off. Be careful not to damage the buds in the meantime.

Step four: Once you’ve removed the easily detectable fan leaves, you should see smaller, trichome covered leaves sticking out from inside the buds. You do not need to remove the stems on these leaves as they’re usually deeper inside the bud. Some growers prefer to leave sugar leaves as they do contain trichomes. For a smoother smoke later on; trim them. Try to cut them flush with the bud for a cleaner appearance.

Step five: That’s it! It’s time for cleanup. If you intend to keep the trim for later projects such as; trim run wax, butter, oils and hash. Leave it in a clean place to dry out. As for your buds, leave them to dry and cure. Curing processes vary greatly but a general rule of thumb is leave them out of the light and in a non humid environment. Depending on the flower genetics and composition it could take days or weeks to cure.


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