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August 31, 2020 – As part of Soul Central Magazine Arts, culture and history. We are researching the world of cannabis. What the benefits are for medical use and the difference between sativa and indica. It is a belief that ” God put this here for you and me”. It is from the earth and it is a proven fact that it has healing in it. Like, any other substance it can be abused and become a problem for ones self.

Soul Central Magazine- Owner Mark Rowe, of Jamaican decent.

Soul Central Magazine- Phoenix, AZ we asked South Phoenix Rap Artist Ben Johnson aka (Yung Face). What his favorite brand of Cannabis was that he liked puff’n on in the studio recording upcoming tracks.

This is what Yung Face shared with Soul Central Magazine-

“My favorite weed would hafta be tacky glue hands down. It comes sticky leaving residue on yo hands and if YUNGFACE smoking it you know it’s damn sho potent AF!! But I for surely enjoy taking my time to roll up a fat gentlemen’s cigar fulla dat kill.n light it up in public just for a reaction BUT WHEN IM IN THE STUDIO GIMME SOME OG AND I SURPRISE MYSELF W THE CREATIVITY THAT COMES OUT.. Soo y’all make sure you go SUBSCRIBE TO YUNGFACE ON ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS, ROLL YOU UP A FAT BLUNT,JOINT, OR SPLIFF, SPARK IT AND VIBE OUT AND FEEL DAT!!! Aka ROKCIN WIT DA 9an9!!!”.

Ben Johnson aka Yung Face

On this column our goal is to market cannabis products. Our brand we have chosen for this segment is an Arizona based company branded , Sugary Creek Exotic Farms, LLC. An Arizona based company, being harvested in Oklahoma.

Sugary Creek Exotic Farms, is a brand with a history of a people, an Experience, a venue to offer tourism at its best. Infusing Cannabis, with music, fashion and tourism.

Owner and Arizona based Rap Artist and Real Estate investor Mr. FAUSTER JOHNSON aka FREEZ. Moving forward, Fauster ventured off in the cannabis industry with FREEZTV420 which launched in 2018.

Fauster Johnson AKA “FREEZ”

Soul Central Magazine, had a chance to chat with Mr. Fauster Johnson about his grow project. Fauster, otherwise known as Freez said ” its a secret “. Fauster, did add the brand “Sugary Creek Exotics LLC”, is named after an all black town in Oklahoma. By the name Taz, Oklahoma. A portion of the farm acreage, is built on a black historical site. The plan is to offer tours by jeep or walking tour with an experience of historical information. To offer souvenirs referencing the history of a segregated school that was apart of the African American culture in that particular area.

The grow, itself is the main attraction and will be offering product harvested on the property. Similar to a wine vineyard. Offering hemp and CBD products.

Fauster, currently markets hair products that are hemp infused. For sale, to his barbershop clientele.

Be on the look out for the fall harvest. Soul Central Magazine- World of Cannabis. Will be following Fauster as he moves forward with his journey into the Cannabis industry.

Soul Central Magazine, A London, UK based publication lives up to its name by being global and local. As in our first forum we took our readers to Florida, Jamaica and Texas. On this write up we are focusing on Arizona and Nevada.

Soul Central Magazine, asked Phoenix Arizona based producer “Duecey StraightRaw”. What his favorite brand of cannabis is. This is what Duecey shared with Soul Central Magazine-

“When it comes to cannabis my favorite strain without a doubt is O.G, “Marathon OG” is my top tier pick. It has that potent smell like “gas fumes” which is exactly what i look for when choosing my cannabis. I prefer to smoke my cannabis out of a Honey Dutch Master. Its the right combination for a perfect smoke session if you ask me. You can never go wrong with an Indica Dominant”.

Don’t forget to google ” Duecey
StraightRaw “. To catch an ear full of one of many Arizona talents.

Duecey StraightRaw

Las Vegas, Nevada home of all access Vegas and Recreational Cannabis. We asked Todd Oliver, what was his favorite brand of Cannabis . I’d like to mention that he has a big choice to make on this as he is one of a few members of the, All ACCESS LAS VEGAS crew that produces cannabis events. Yes, i said it, CANNABIS Events.

This is what Todd Oliver, shared with Soul Central Magazine ” World of Cannabis”.

“I like to smoke nothing but the finest smoke by Tyson’s Ranch. The White Star is a sativa-hybrid dominant, grown by this talented cultivator out in Las Vegas Nv, that goes by the name of Brian Peede. He definitely knows what he’s doing and is a very good friend of mine. I consider him family. That marijuana strain is by far the best I have ever smoked. I ended up getting reconstructive foot surgery in 2015. They had to re-break my left foot, drill 3 screws in my foot and set it from a nasty 20ft fall 5 yrs ago. “Freak accident”. Needless to say that strain took all my pain away and I mean everything. I been in pain since the fall back in the end of 2009, two days after Christmas. I know we all have our reasons why we smoke but this strain is the ultimate pain reliever “EVER”. It’s crazy to have no pain, be happy and relaxed all at once without having to take a none addictive opioid. So if anyone out there has chronic pain like me and can relate. Be on the look out for Tyson’s Ranch- The White Star”.


A world of cannabis can mean many things. What we would like to focus on is the healing in it. What is the healing? The healing is the reward whether it be self motivation to do great things. Whether it be elevation of the mind to heal from pain or sorrows. What ever it be is considered the healing.

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