“XCSS climate can’t wait” 😊 Sport (trail + cross-country skiing in the desert) Brought to us by Estelle Peyen

Sport (trail + cross-country skiing in the desert) is only a way to attract attention (and not the purpose of the project) because it is a question of learning from the indigenous peoples of the deserts (Morocco and other countries): agricultural cooperation, crafts, traditional knowledge, and know-how …. and thus establish lasting connections with urban dwellers.

The knowledge and means of adaptation of these desert peoples, to the heat and extreme living conditions (drought, famine, migrations, conflicts, …) is essential to face heat waves, heat domes more and more frequent … Of course we will not go by plane (transport will be considered by limiting the carbon footprint), eco-responsible and recycled equipment, local food and no industrial products, etc …

Solutions and knowledge/knowledge exchange on seeds for example, with populations of arid and semi-arid areas, will be useful for countries in Europe and others… Our working group/reflection “adaptation” whose adaptation to heat (biology / human physiology, psychology …) through participants (local, European, etc …) aims to find keys in fine that would help populations/individuals to better withstand heatwaves in the future … Allowing individuals to be able to cope physically and psychologically with climate change: it is a training, and education, hygiene, and lifestyle, reflexes to learn, which will take many years…

The heat of the Sahara is on our doorstep, deserts are advancing, desertification and soil erosion (large carbon sinks) are increasing: not exchanging and cooperating with the peoples of the deserts would be a mistake. Not to shed light on them and their knowledge would be a mistake… Cooperation (Intra/inter-people) is one of the keys so that we can face and prepare as well as possible for what awaits us… Because it’s going to happen.

The +1.5°C objectified by the Paris Agreements will be (largely) exceeded. Now, to see how we will live with it… ———————————————————————————————-

CLIMATE CHANGE, HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT? By 2070, the global temperature will increase by +2°. Each of us at his level will be confronted with it and will have to adapt to it. Through an unprecedented sporting event, “XCSS climate can’t wait” wishes to federate, engage in reflection to find keys to resilience and climate adaptation, advance research, draw the attention of as many people as possible to climate issues, and encourage them to act.

“XCSS climate can’t wait” offers a combined trail and cross-country skiing on sand accessible to all, in a hot desert environment – a world first. More than a sporting challenge, it is above all an extraordinary immersion, a meeting, and an exchange with the indigenous populations to change mentalities. “We can’t change the course of things, but we can learn to limit its effects. And for that, who better than those who live in desert and arid areas, where water is scarce is precious, to introduce us to it? Estelle Peyen, founder of the non-profit association “XCSS – CROSS COUNTRY SKIING SAND”.

The project is ambitious, but up to the current and future challenges. The coming decades will be decisive for our societies. From this first edition, “XCSS climate can’t wait” intends to allow its participants to come back with simple practices that they can adapt and integrate into their daily lives. These new habits will be actions in favor of the fight against climate change and for the preservation of ecosystems.

“We are missionaries. Every person, I am convinced, is an essential link in the fight against climate change. Estelle Peyen. Approved “1% for the Planet”, encouraged by the United Nations, the “XCSS climate can’t wait” project is pleased to have many partners and athletes committed to its side such as Gwendal Peizerat, known for his exceptional record as Olympic champion and world champion of ice dance in pairs.

He is the godfather of the first edition of XCSS climate can’t wait. Finally” “XCSS climate can’t wait” also wants to go further and be part of time by establishing sustainable bridges. If the first edition will take place in May 2022 in the Moroccan Sahara, those that will follow will take place in other deserts with other native communities and other ecosystems.

Teaser of edition #01 SAHARA 2022: https://youtu.be/1rQmdlYS1Ck and some other videos: https://youtube.com/channel/UCZRQpq4klfADtFCRa-ih70Q

CONTACT Project Director – Estelle PEYEN –

Tel: +33 (0)6 03 23 44 98

Email: xcss.climate@gmail.com



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