Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve EMPOWERMENT WEEKEND February 2019 ILEC LONDON

It’s Your Time to Attend the MUST SEE Event of 2019

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Every Business Starts With a Dream and a Vision. Once You Have Experienced Your Inspire to Achieve Business Vision Your Journey Starts

This Amazing Event Has Been Created and Crafted Over 30 Years of Bradley Chapman’s Entrepreneurial Business Journey. We Invite You To Experience an Inspired Weekend That Will Change Your Life Forever
Once Your Dream and Business is Under Way Your Thoughts Turn to How Do I Accelerate My Business Growth and Create Wealth and Abundance
Our Vast Range of Speakers Combined With Their Expertise Across All Business Topics and Subjects Will Empower You to Turn Your Business Into A Multi Million Pound Operation

The Most Comprehensive Line-Up of Multi-Millionaire, Global Empowerment, Experts, Specialists and Aspiring Speakers Ever Seen Together on Stage
Delivering The Widest Inspired Range of Business, Wealth and Personal Development Topics to Help You Start Your Business, Accelerate Your Company or Personal Brand and Create The Life of Your Dreams

What Will You Learn During Our Action Packed Two Day Empowerment Event?

During The Business and Empowerment Event You Will Become The Best Version of Yourself. You, Will, Become Inspired to Achieve Ultimate Success in Your Business and Attract Abundance Into Your Life

You will have the opportunity to network with up to 2500 guests that will be attending our two-day event. Our inspired expert speakers talks cover the widest range of information, guidance, business growth, startup, accelerated business growth, personal topics ever delivered on one stage before.

Marketing Your Business | Branding You and Your Company |Spiritual Living | Weight Loss and Healthy Body | Internet Marketing |Entrepreneurship | Business Startup | Millionaire Mindset |Cognitive Behaviour |Public Speaker Training | Wealth and Leadership | Magazine Publishing |Global Branding |Millionaire Coaching Strategies |Yoga Mastery |Advertising and Media |Accelerated Emotional Behaviour |Cryptocurrency Mining |Student Career Success |Business Coaching Opportunity |Mind Body and Soul |Financial Accounting |Become an Author |Fitness Health and Vitality

A Message From Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Visionary and Founder Bradley Chapman

“It’s Not Easy Starting Your Business, Working on Yourself Every Day to Reach Your Desired Level of Success. There Will Be Immense Setbacks Along The Way There Will Be Times That You Will Want to Give Up. Trust Me It’s Happened to Me So Many Times and It Happened Again When I Was Creating This Event In Its Original Format and Line Up. However, With The Right Support and Making Sure That You Have Empowered Inspirational and Trusted Friends Within Your Inner Circle Any Setback Will Only Be Temporary and Your Journey Of Growth Will Include The Valuable Lessons That Will Ensure You See Set Setbacks as Challenges Which Can Be Overcome.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams Because That’s What Dreams Are For. It’s Your Time To Shine, Change Up Your Life and Breakthrough All Self Limited Beliefs and In The Process Become a Global Disruptor”

Here’s to Starting and Accelerating our Business Growth Journeys


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