“Cali girl how did you make it in the treacherous streets of Detroit?” #Author Tianna Jones

“Cali girl how did you make it in the treacherous streets of Detroit?”
Author: Tianna Jones also known as Cali Fae

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Tianna Jones states that she dedicated her book to all the people in our world who
need to be heard.
On her book dedication page it says, “Rest in peace to all my friends who didn’t get a
chance to be heard.” “Everyone has a story of their own, as life is a cause and effect.”

“A higher power over myself blessed me with the faith to keep believing.”
“I will never doubt the power of love.”
“I strongly bless you all with it.”
“Just keep believing.”

Cali Fae went on to mention, Many people are moved by her testimony that creates strength for our world to heal by having a positive change after reading her story.

As she is asked, “Cali girl how did you make it in the treacherous streets of Detroit?”

She replies humbily, “I calmed the beasts with compassion and seen the sorrows of the humble.”

The American press called, The buisness Houston Journal states that, Tianna Jones’s
new book called Cali Girl How Did You Make it in the Treacherous Streets of Detroit,
is an Account of over coming overwhelming circumstances.

Author Jones, has been able to help many people by sharing her testimony.

This book helps people heal from Sexual, Physical, Mental, Verbal abuse as well as
death loss, addiction issues, abandonment issues, rejection issues and any transitional change that may affect a person.

About the Author

Tianna Jones was born in the United States, in Renton, Washington.
She grew up in Texas until she was nine years old.

Once her father was released from prision, she moved back to Campbell, California,
where she learned to love again as a child who went through different traumatizing changes.

This young woman attended Gilroy High School in Gilroy California as well as Westmont High school in Campbell, California.

She has written her first autobiography, which took her nine years to complete. Seeking a vision of truth, author Tianna Jones, took up many different professions as she focused on her dream as a writer. These positions are included in the story line as part of her hard working struggles to survive.

Jones always had an interest in writing but never imagined how strongly impacted her story would become.

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Publisher: PAGE PUBLISHING INC, in New york, NY had declared publication for the new release originally in Novemeber of 2017 but the project wasn’t finally finished April 2018
for the public view. Cali Fae also known as Tianna Jones book is printed in the United
States of America.


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