Who is SHEROES United?


SHEROES United is a Global Movement of Women Who DARE to Change the World through Love. It’s motto? Think Big. Act Bigger. The nonprofit has been operating and growing for over seven straight years, working with national and world leaders. While working in the trenches of sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking, SHEROES has shared the stage with leaders such as Mother Maya Tiwari and Marianne Williamson, Thurl Bailey, Brene Brown, and many others.

The non-profit has been invited by African leaders and clergy to teach women refugees from Congo at the Vatican in Rome, to help them overcome the dark shame of rape and violence and to become leaders inside of themselves and out into the world to make positive change.

And on a daily basis, SHEROES works with women in prison and high-risk youth on prevention, as well as children in schools, and are bringing life-saving devices to women and families both in the United States and around the world. SHEROES United is non-partisan and provides education, training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities to help women rise so they can give back.

The 501c3 works to create awareness programs ad curriculum to educate and empower victims and help them become victors over their trauma. SHEROES United is also involved in the initiation of protective legislation and life-saving devices for victims of assault and trafficking. It works with women in prison and high-risk youth on prevention, as well as children in schools. For further information visit SHEROESUnited.org 

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